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Heckaton Quest – King Heckaton is gone. What's up with that?

Temple of the Eye of the All Father – You have traveled to the far North and have made your way to the Temple of the Eye of the All Father, a noted Oracle to the All Father, head god of the Giant pantheon.

You have learned the following information (some from the Oracle, some from your giant friend):

Who are the leaders of the giants?

Chief Guh of the Hill Giants
Thane Kayalithica of the Stone Giants
Jarl Torvald of the Frost Giants
Duke Zalto of the Fire Giants
Countess Sansuri of the Cloud Giants

Where is Jarl Torvald?

“Travel west, o’er mountains, to the Sea of Moving Ice. There, among the glaciers, you’ll find Svardborg—the berg of the frost giant jarl. The conch you seek rests on his icy throne.”

What must be done to stop the giants? “Find a magic conch of the storm giant king, Hekaton. Use it to visit Hekaton’s court. Root out the evil therein.”

Where is the conch? “In the clutches of a giant lord.”

Where is King Hekaton? “Unknown.”

How can we find Hekaton? “Speak to Serissa, his youngest daughter. She has a clue to her father’s whereabouts, and she needs your help.”

Who rules in Hekaton’s stead? “His daughter, Serissa.”

What befell Hekaton? “He was misled by his eldest daughters, Mirran and Nym, who covet his throne.”

Are Mirran and Nym acting alone? “No. They are pawns of a much greater evil named Iymrith—a blue dragon in the guise of a storm giant.”

Where is Iymrith now? “Maelstrom.” 

Active Quests

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