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Main Quests


Heckaton Quest – King Heckaton is gone. What's up with that?
Sirac Of Suzail's Quest – Realizing that the frost giants are after the Ring of Winter, Sirac of Suzail confesses to the characters after the battle that he’s the son of Artus Cimber, and says that he believes his father has the ring. Although he doesn’t know his father’s present whereabouts, Sirac recalls that Artus had connections to the Roaringhorns, a noble family in Waterdeep. He urges the characters to visit the Roaringhorn estate in Waterdeep and speak to someone there. Fearing that the frost giants might come after him again, Sirac offers to accompany the characters as far south as Luskan, where he can catch a ship heading south. COMPLETE – You got a magic item and you got a magic item and you got a magic item and YOU GOT A MAGIC ITEM!!!!
Goldenfield Quest – Let Miros know his parents ded
Triboar Quest - Let Alaestra Ulgar know Dartha's ded
Bryn Shandor Quest – Arrived at Bryn Shandor, fought off giant invasion. REWARD: Ivory horn worth 700 gp, 15x 100 gp gems

Side Quests

Augrek Brighthelm's Quest -

  1. Send word to clan Brighthelm in Ironmaster to send reinforcements to Bryn Shander COMPLETE REWARD: 5x 100 gp gems
  2. Visit Dasharra Keldabar, a griffon rider and trainer living in the village of Fireshear, and use the gemstones to pay her to train them to ride griffons. COMPLETE. Not enough money to pay for training but can transport you for 25 gp / person / day

Divessa Shane's Quest - You have a letter of recommendation asking her aunt, Inirva, who will grant you passage anywhere on the Sword Coast. Inirva's ship has gone missing. Another ship offered to take you on a search but you were ambushed by them while at sea. You fought back and siezed control of the ship. COMPLETE. Reward: 1,100 cp, 800 so, 120 gp, nine gemstones (50 gp each), magic items – Mithral Chain Shirt, Bag of Holding, 2x Potions of Extra Healing.

Markham Sourthwell's Quest – Patrol Icewind Dale and return if you see further evidence of activity in the region.

Harper Quest –  

  1. Go to Hundelstone and talk to Thwip Ironbottom COMPLETE: Reward – Clockwork puppy
  2. Visit Everlund and seek out Krowen Valharrow, a Harper wizard who resides at Moongleam Tower. The gnome describes Krowen as a powerful wizard known to sponsor adventurers.

Sir Baric Nylef - Go to Neverwinter, see Sir Lanniver Strayl (follower of Tyr), and let him know that Sir Baric is off chasing a heinous criminal.

Active Quests

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