Deadly Encounters

This campaign is a wide-open, free-form, sandbox style very similar to Skyrim. In fact, the world we're adventuring in is going to be quite similar to Skyrim in most ways with the focus more on the giants than on the dragons.

As the game is rather open, it's very easy to stumble into encounters way beyond your level of abilities. If that happens, keep your eyes open – avoiding combat with creatures much beyond your ability will be critical for survival in this game. Even the lowest order of Giantkin, hill giants, are powerful enough to slaughter a 1st level party in a couple rounds while taking minimal damage.

To account for this, please note the following:

  1. Potions of Healing are widely available. At just about any civilization, you can buy a half dozen for 50 gp each. They heal 2d4+2 hit points of damage per use.
  2. A healer of some sort is rather important. A bard, cleric, or druid would serve well. Obviously, a life domain cleric can do this best but a bard or druid can take Cure Wounds and use it effectively.
  3. A healer's kit is quite useful if you have proficiency in it. It helps with curing disease or stabilizing the dying.

Deadly Encounters

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